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How beneficial are intermediate-length steroids and if they are at all?

Being a steroid user, this question have probably crossed your mind and not once.  When it comes to steroid cycles they are split into beginner, intermediate and advanced rounds. While first and third are quite popular among steroid users, the second version not rarely raise many questions.

    Is a 3-7 weeks cycle good for your health?
    Is it long enough to promote noticeable results?
    Aren’t 2 weeks or 8-10 weeks a better choice?

These are just few of them. You may have others. That’s why further in this article we will try to find the right answer so that next time you will know why to make you choice for one or another cycle.

How long a short steroid cycle is?

A short steroid cycle consists of 14 days of steroids administration after which comes at least the same length off period. Orals steroids are usually organized in short cycles due to negative effects on liver.  Other reasons for selecting them are:

-when persons want modest gains from steroids;

-when bodybuilders want to reach their maximal muscle development fast;

-when long steroid user want to reduce health risks;

-when long steroid user want to stop steroid use.

How long a long steroid cycle is?

It has at least 8 weeks and goes to maximum 12 weeks. Not few are cases when users go with longer cycles, which we don’t advise you to do.

Professional bodybuilders and athletes are usually involved in long steroid cycles. The main goal being building as much strength and muscle mass at possibile.

Intermediate-length cycles have a 3-7 weeks duration and and is skeptically seen by most of steroid user.  Maybe this is because they are just got used to a short/long steroid cycles and don’t see the odds in using such one.

When to use intermediate-length cycle?

The truth is that short cycles require fewer time for recovery, while long ones keep users off for longer period. An intermediate cycle is a good decision when fast increase in muscle mass is wanted, but recovery time is kept as short as possible.
People get used to idea that for big gains long cycle are needed while short ones are not so productive, but safer. Since the 8-12 weeks cycle are highly common requests, no wonder that forums are full of these schemes. Few are those who ask for a 3-6 cycles steroid, hence less info on this subject is available.

Ask a professional and you will be told that as long as steroids are used intelligently, according to real needs and taking in consideration your body characteristics and risks, the number of weeks you are on doesn’t play the biggest role. Remember that proper workout and diet helps to reach your goal and not steroids use alone.

The use of steroids during entire training program is not essential. Instead, do use steroids in weeks with higher demand or where gains are more possible. In these cases intermediate-length steroids are good option to take into consideration.

What anabolic steroids are best to use during intermediate cycles?

In one of our previous blog post we talked about “Intermediate steroid cycles“. Click the post title to read it entirely. Then we mentioned several questions that every steroid user have to ask himself in order to understand his level as a steroid user.

It’s quite interesting, but i would like to mention here mass building anabolic steroids best to use during intermediate cycles.

I.Testosterone Cypionate, Dianabol, Winstrol and Clomid stack.

II.Testosterone (Cypionate or Enanthate),Deca-durabolin, Dianabol and Arimidex stack

III. Testosterone Propionate with Trenbolone – Acetate, Winstrol and Arimidex.  

IV) Deca-Durabolin, Equipoise and Dianabol steroid cycle.

Detailed information on each of them find on the following link:

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Bottom line

Intermediate-length steroid cycle can be as beneficial as long or short cycles if you do it right. Choose it if you are following a consecutive training program and need help in some weeks.

A Closer Look at Trenbolone

Not too many steroids have an air of mystique about them quite like trenbolone. It is one of those agents that you will hear talked up aggressively by some guy in the gym, to later find he has not even tried it himself yet. The bodybuilding literature is full of strong, unusual, and often-inaccurate statements about this drug, and consequently an air of misunderstanding has begun to cloud our view of trenbolone. The unusual history of this compound, including prolonged periods of very limited availability and high selling prices, has no doubt played a part in shaping the view of this steroid in the minds of athletes. It seems when anything is out of reach, overly expensive or both, people start looking at it in a different way. I therefore thought it would be a good idea to take a closer look at the physical properties of trenbolone, as well as its current state of availability and use.

Trenbolone Structure
Structurally trenbolone is a derivative of nandrolone, carrying two additional double carbon bonds at positions 9 and 11 (hence the prefix “tren”, short for tri-en). The activity of trenbolone differs from that of its parent hormone considerably however. To begin with, trenbolone cannot aromatize to estrogen. The delta-9 group present on its structure occupies a bond necessary for aromatization of the A-Ring to be possible. Unless this group is removed metabolically, which it does not appear to be, estrogen synthesis is impossible in the body. Although nandrolone is a weak substrate for aromatase, estrogen levels can still rise during use. With trenbolone we actually expect a lowering of serum estrogen levels, as it should suppress endogenous testosterone release (the primary substrate for estradiol in men).

Androgenic Activity
Although derived from nandrolone, trenbolone is comparatively far more androgenic than this steroid. In fact it is several times stronger in this regard than our primary androgen testosterone as well. The first contributing factor to this of course is that trenbolone is a strong binder of the androgen receptor. This trait is also characteristic of its parent nandrolone, which is several times more active than testosterone in this regard. Androgen binding is in fact further enhanced by the introduction of double bonds in delta-9,11, which makes trenbolone an even more potent agonist of the androgen receptor than nandrolone. Perhaps more significant though is the fact that unlike nandrolone, the strong receptor binding potency of trenbolone is not diminished in androgen sensitive tissues by 5-alpha reductase. Trenbolone does not seem to undergo 5-alpha reduction in humans to any appreciable degree at all, which is evidenced by the fact that the major urinary metabolites of trenbolone all possess the original tri-en structure with an intact delta-4 group. So trenbolone retains its original potency as it enters cells in androgen target tissues with high 5AR concentrations, as this enzyme is not affecting it. These factors work together to allow trenbolone to be a potently androgenic steroid, instead of a primarily anabolic one in nature like nandrolone.

Progestational Activity
It has been reported in other bodybuilding literature that trenbolone does not exhibit any activity as a progestin in the body. I am not certain where this belief originated, as trenbolone does appear to exhibit the classic progesterone receptor binding ability that is characteristic of nandrolone and its derivatives. One study looking at the bovine uterine progesterone receptor for example found trenbolone to be a very potent binder, startlingly even more so than progesterone itself. Another looking at the binding of various compounds to the androgen, estrogen, progestin, mineral corticoid and glucocorticoid receptors found trenbolone to be a more potent binder of the progestin receptor than nandrolone, a steroid normally noted for its usual activity in this regard. What does this mean for trenbolone? I don’t think it really means that much. Trenbolone clearly doesn’t cause gyno, water retention or fat buildup, which one might attribute to estrogenic or progestational activity. So whatever slight action it does have as a progestin on paper doesn’t amount to all that much in the real world. The absence of estrogen may be a significant factor, as progesterone is believed to cause gyno by enhancing estrogen’s stimulation of mammary gland growth. Perhaps when trenbolone is taken with other aromatizable compounds it could affect a person’s sensitivity level to gyno and water/fat retention. This seems logical, at least in a technical sense, although admittedly I have seen no evidence to support this.

Mass or Cutting Agent
The potently androgenic and non-aromatizing nature of trenbolone makes it an extremely effective hardening and cutting agent. In fact, it is thought of as unmatched in its capacity as a body-sculpting steroid. Many competitive bodybuilders similarly find it indispensable to any good pre-contest cutting stack. For this type of purpose I doubt another steroid would serve you better. Many people do additionally find they make very good muscle gains with trenbolone. It is a potent muscle-builder, although we should probably not consider it an ideal mass-builder when used alone. The absence of estrogen is an important factor, as this trait seems integral in this type of steroid. This probably has to do not only with water retention but also interactions between estrogen and muscle glucose utilization, GH release and androgen receptor proliferation. Today we are finally starting to understand why this hormone is needed for optimal growth. Trenbolone is probably still the most potent muscle-building agent of all the non-estrogenic steroids though, and admittedly is quite unusual in its potency in this regard. But I would still think that if mass were the goal and you were choosing only one steroid, testosterone, Dianabol or Anadrol would be more productive every time in terms of overall size, weight and muscle mass gain.

As mentioned in the opening of this article, trenbolone has been plagued by periods of manufacturing inconsistency, high prices and scarce availability since it first hit the market in the early 80’s. There is probably little need to revisit in detail the rise and fall of Finajet in the 1980’s, or the demise of Parabolan in 1997. Clearly the colorful history of trenbolone is well discussed. But today’s situation is no less interesting, as we are in a unique situation. For the first time in four years we have a legitimate injectable trenbolone again, as the Mexican veterinary drug firm Laboratories Ttokkyo has recently started producing Trenbol, a 10 ml bottle of trenbolone acetate (TA) in the strength of 75mg/ml. This product is not cheap, and usually sells for upwards of $150 a bottle. Reportedly Denkall is working on a similar item, and there are some reliable underground generics floating about as well that sell for a better price and usually supply a comparable amount of TA. There have been some questions about raw material supply lately though, and whether or not both types of product would remain on the market. This discussion was heightened by the recent removal of Trenbol from Ttokkyo’s website, which is making a lot of people nervous that this product may be on the way out. Hopefully this is just a website problem and not a repeat of the fate that fell on Finajet and Parabolan. If these products do dry up, trenbolone will still be available, but in the form of cattle

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Fat Loss Steroids

Quite often anabolic androgenic steroids are placed in two classes; bulking steroids or fat loss steroids/cutting steroids. While either phrase largely implies the desire behind anabolic use it can often at times be a bit inaccurate. The fact of the matter is very simple, most anabolic androgenic steroids can achieve either purpose; while the primary purpose of many steroids can vary, most possess a level of both qualities including body fat reduction; varying to a degree. For example, there are certain steroids that are far better served for adding mass, steroids that are far better served for increasing strength or performance. The same can be applied to fat loss steroids; while anabolic androgenic steroids do not carry with them the primary purpose of burning fat some will do so in a secondary fashion to a higher degree. What we’ve done here is listed some of the most common questions, myths and often confused ideas and followed it with the absolute truth. By following this list you will have a much better understanding of the concept of fat burning steroids.

One of the most common reasons anyone uses anabolic androgenic steroids is for the purpose of leaning out and cutting up. With this being a common primary purpose there is a strong desire to ensure you’re using the best fat loss steroids available. Not only are the introduction to fat loss steroids important to you in achieving this purpose but so are the performance enhancing drugs (PED’s) you will add in addition.

Let’s be very clear on one important factor regarding anabolic androgenic steroids; while they may possess fat burning qualities none of them serve this primary purpose therefor none of them can be labeled fat loss steroids in a primary sense. Anabolic androgenic steroids largely serve four general primary purposes:

    Increasing Strength
    Increasing Muscle Mass
    Increasing Athletic Performance
    Increasing the “Hardness” of a Physique

While these are the primary purposes they will vary to a degree from one steroid to the next; some steroids serve one purpose more than another while others serve an entirely different primary function. Even so, a secondary characteristic of many can be fat burning and thereby it is these we may generally label fat loss steroids.
Increasing Fat Loss Steroids Abilities

While the primary purpose is not fat loss but a secondary function, additional non-steroidal drugs can greatly benefit and add to this effect. Of those belonging to the hormone class, without question the best hormone we can add as well as the best PED of all to serve this purpose is Human Growth Hormone (HGH.) Not only can HGH greatly increase fat burning but it can further make the steroids we use more effective including their secondary traits.

Other commonly used PED’s used in this purpose most largely include Clenbuterol (Clen) and Cytomel (T3.) While neither is a steroidal drug, the former being a bronchial medication and the latter a thyroid medication both can be positive additions to a cutting cycle and increase the amounts of fat lost. While neither of these will change the structure of function of the steroids used, in a sense, due to the mode of actions by each PED being used, including the steroids, by this mode of action when coupled together, our anabolics become stronger fat loss steroids.
How to Stack Fat Loss Steroids

In most cases you will need to build your cycle around testosterone; not only is testosterone an important part of most cycles it is all-around the most efficient and effective steroid known to man. Beyond testosterone there are many additional items we can add that may more or less fall into the fat loss steroids camp. Steroids such as Trenbolone and Stanozolol are always top choices, as can be Equipoise and Anavar. Beyond the steroids, effective fat burners as mentioned above are always a helpful tool in addition; cycles and stacks with these items, in conjunction with solid anabolic androgenic steroids and HGH will prove to be the ultimate fat burning machines.

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Testosterone Suspension Cycles and Doses

Testosterone Suspension is the purest form of testosterone one can obtain as its entire mass is pure testosterone and the only form that can boast such a claim. As evident by its name Testosterone Suspension is suspended in water where as other forms are suspended in oil; this is an important factor to consider as this water suspension form is far more painful than an oil-based testosterone. Although its function is the same as any testosterone form, due to its nature this is not a steroid that will be used by many individuals as we will see. In most cases only advanced and experienced anabolic steroid users will ever administer this form of testosterone. Further, again by its nature Testosterone-Suspension does not provide a lot of advantages for the everyday gym rat, those who make up the majority of anabolic steroid users and for that reason is rarely found in their cycles. Nevertheless, it is a powerful steroid and one more powerful than any testosterone form.

In terms of gaining mass and strength the benefits based on its attributes are the same with Testosterone Suspension as they are with any other form of testosterone. However, because this form is ester free giving it more of a punch on a milligram for milligram basis we can expect the effects of these attributes to be increased. While this steroid can be used for either bulking or cutting cycles many who use it will only do so during a bulking phase as water retention can be a problem due to the high rate of aromatase; however, especially in the competitive bodybuilding world many competitors will use Testosterone-Suspension during a cutting cycle in preparation for a contest due to the need to reap powerfully fast effects as well as the site-injection benefits. Testosterone-Suspension can aptly increase the size of the injected muscle in the short run which can be at times a welcomed effect; assuming you can tolerate the pain associated with injecting this steroid.

An often overlooked attribute regarding Testosterone Suspension is detectability; because it is ester free it clears the system very rapidly making detection all the more difficult. In a tested athlete this proves to be very advantageous as Testosterone-Suspension can only be detected for approximately two days after an injection. This by no means gets the athlete completely out of the water but without question provides a strong advantage.

Testosterone Suspension Cycles and Doses

Most who use Testosterone Suspension will do so for much shorter periods than other injectable testosterone forms. Even though the attributes lead to great benefits, largely the same ones can be obtained through any other form of testosterone. Those who use Suspension for bulking purposes will generally do so in short burst, 4-8 weeks is common with 8 weeks generally being the max and daily doses of 50-100mg being common. Most who practice this method generally couple their Suspension with other testosterone forms and only add Testosterone Suspension in short burst, often to bust through a plateau. For a cutting cycle or competition cycle of any kind many athletes will use Suspension for approximately 4 weeks to give them a slight added edge in conjunction with other anabolic steroids.

Always understand the truth, testosterone carries with it a risk to reward ratio that is very real. The more Testosterone Suspension you use the greater your reward will be. However, the more Testosterone Suspension you use the greater your risk will be as well; in the end the risk you decide to take is on you and you alone.

As for your Testosterone Suspension cycle, most will find 8 weeks of use to be the bear minimum with 16 weeks being far more efficient. Regardless of your duration of use a solid post cycle therapy (PCT) plan must be in place. Because Testosterone Suspension is very fast acting, assuming your cycle ends with only fast acting gear your PCT will necessarily begin almost immediately post final steroid administration. However, most will not end a cycle with Suspension only; if your cycle ends with all fast acting gear start PCT approximately 3 days after final injection but if it includes long ester based steroids as well you will need to wait approximately 2-3 weeks.

Anavar Results

The anabolic steroid Oxandrolone is an immensely popular steroid in the performance enhancing world by both men and women. Commonly known by its most popular trade name Anavar, it is one of the most highly desired steroids on the market. By-in-large, Anavar results can be seen most effectively during a cutting cycle as it does not significantly promote mass in men. However, through use during a bulking cycle by women, because females are far more sensitive to the hormone, with proper diet and training the use of Anavar results in a more muscular athlete. Even so, females will still benefit from this hormone far more during a cutting cycle than an off-season bulker. Even so, there are some very common myths and misconceptions regarding the Oxandrolone hormone and it is time we laid some of the more ridiculous ones aside. Through this process, you’ll have a better understanding of the hormone, and further, be able to determine if Anavar results are worth your time.
Myth 1:

Anavar results in no testosterone suppression.
Truth 1:

If you supplement with anabolic steroids your natural testosterone production will be suppressed. Because Oxandrolone is such a mild anabolic steroid, for some reason many believe testosterone suppression does not occur. This is simply not true. Granted, total suppression will not be as strong as it would be with many other steroids, but it will occur nonetheless. For this reason, male performance enhancers are encouraged to supplement with exogenous testosterone when Oxandrolone is used. Not only will this provide you with the testosterone your body needs, but it will ensure your Anavar results are all they can be, as testosterone itself is highly anabolic.
Myth 2:

Adverse Anavar results include Gynecomastia and excess water retention.
Truth 2:

This is not only a myth but an outright lie. Gynecomastia and water retention are both impossible with the Anavar steroid as it does not aromatize nor carry any estrogenic traits. If you fall prey to Gynecomastia, it will be due to another steroid you’re possibly using. As for water retention, it could be caused by another steroid that does aromatize or it could be caused by you overeating, especially if you’re eating too many carbohydrates.
Myth 3:

Oxandrolone is not toxic to the liver.
Truth 3:

Because Anavar is such a mild anabolic steroid, many believe liver toxicity is not a concern. The truth is absolute; like most oral anabolic steroids Anavar belongs to the C17-aa family and is, therefore, toxic. It is true, Oxandrolone is far less toxic than most oral anabolic steroids; far less toxic than many over the counter medications and far less damaging than excess alcohol consumption, but this does not mean it does not carry a toxic nature. There’s no two ways about it, the use of Anavar results in your liver enzyme levels increasing. Once use is discontinue, assuming you have been responsible with your use and have not caused any other undue stress to the liver, your enzyme levels will return to normal shortly after use is discontinued, and no permanent damage will be done.
Myth 4:

Anavar results in zero virilization in women.
Truth 4:

It is true, Anavar is a very female friendly, and for the vast majority of women if they keep their use at a responsible level they will experience no virilization symptoms. However, if your dose goes too high, you can guarantee the Anavar results you see will not be the ones you desire. Further, and this is extremely important to remember, because we are all unique individuals, we will all respond to the hormone in a unique way. For this reason, some women, even with responsible use may fall prey to virilization symptoms. If this occurs, and if the woman discontinues use as soon as the symptoms begin to show they will fade away, and she will be fine.
Myth 5:

Anavar results in very few benefits because it is so mild.
Truth 5:

There’s no way around this truth, the Oxandrolone hormone is much milder than most anabolic steroids. For the man looking for a powerful steroid, this is not the best choice to make. However, it can be an excellent addition to a well-planned cycle. In many ways, the best way to view Oxandrolone use as it pertains to male athletes is supplemental steroid use to a supplemental steroid plan. Simply put, view it as an addition to an already well-planned stack, sort of as a bonus item. As for women, the exact opposite can be said; in-fact, Anavar alone can bring about everything the female athlete is after. This is not to say it is the only performance enhancing tool she can use, but without question, it is primary.

Forms of Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Growth Hormone is a polypeptide Hormone. This means it is composed of a long chain of amino acids, 191 to be exact. Under normal physiologic conditions, Growth Hormone is secreted by the anterior pituitary gland. This is a gland that lies at the base of the brain in a bony cavity called the Sella Turcica. In addition to Growth Hormone, the anterior pituitary also secretes prolactin, thyroid stimulating Hormone, luteinizing Hormone, follicle stimulating Hormone, and adrenal corticotropic Hormone. The secretion of Growth Hormone by the pituitary gland is initiated by the hypothalamus, another gland in the brain that lies right next to the pituitary. The hypothalamus initiates Growth Hormone secretion by secreting Growth Hormone releasing Hormone (GHRH); at the same time it stops secreting a Growth Hormone inhibitory Hormone called somatostatin. When somatostatin is turned off and GHRH is turned on, the pituitary will release Growth Hormone in bursts of activity. These bursts of Growth Hormone release occur primarily during deep stages of sleep, such as stage 3 and stage 4. Once released in the blood, Growth Hormone is very short lived. It is generally completely metabolized and gone within a half-hour. During that time, however, it manages to reach the liver and many other cells in the body, and induce them to make another polypeptide Hormone called Insulin-like Growth Factor One (IGF-1). It is really IGF-1 that travels around to the various tissues of the body to effect most of the benefits that we attribute to Growth Hormone. The secretion of Growth Hormone itself is regulated by a classic biofeedback loop. This means when levels of Growth Hormone in the blood reach a certain threshold, Growth Hormone stimulates receptors in the pituitary to stop further Growth Hormone secretion. It also stimulates receptors in the hypothalamus to stop GHRH and turn on somatostatin. IGF-1, which goes up in response to Growth Hormone, also feeds back on the pituitary and hypothalamus to help control Growth Hormone secretion. This is nature’s system of checks and balances to assure we don’t have too much of any one Hormone.

USES OF Growth Hormone
Growth Hormone was initially used for children of short stature who are Growth Hormone deficient, either because of an inactive pituitary, a tumor of the pituitary, or destruction of the pituitary by surgery or by radiation to remove a tumor. The other pituitary Hormones were replaced along with GH. Growth Hormone was used only until the children reached an acceptable adult height and then it was stopped because it was thought to be useful only for Growth. The other pituitary Hormones, however, which were thought to be more critical, were continued throughout adulthood. It wasn’t until much later that adult Growth Hormone deficiency was recognized to be a problem. It was discovered that adults who were deficient in Growth Hormone suffered from premature cardiovascular disease, reduced bone density, central obesity, decreased muscle mass, depressed mood, elevated levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol, slower wound healing, fatigue, poor exercise tolerance and poor immune function. At that point the use of Growth Hormone began in this unfortunate population, resulting in improvement of all of the above. It wasn’t until 1990, however, that the benefits of Growth Hormone and the treatment of normal aging were recognized. The most recent new use of Growth Hormone is for the treatment of AIDS Wasting Syndrome. This is the condition of weakness, fatigue, and loss of muscle mass in AIDS patients. Since we at Cenegenics� specialize in metabolic and hormonal control of aging, we will limit this discussion to the use of Growth Hormone in the treatment of normal aging.

Somatopause is an extrapolation of the term “menopause.” Menopause is the condition in women whereby the ovaries atrophy and cease to produce the sex Hormones Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone. Somatopause signifies the gradual decline in Growth Hormone production by the adult pituitary gland in both men and women that begins at approximately age 30 and continues at a steady rate throughout life. The decline in Growth Hormone level that occurs with Somatopause is accompanied by deterioration in the structure and functional capacity of our body, which is ultimately devastating to the Human condition. In fact, there is absolutely no difference between the clinical signs and symptoms of aging and those of adult Growth Hormone deficiency described above. The late Dr. Daniel Rudman first described the benefits of Growth Hormone therapy in normal aging adults. Dr. Rudman published a landmark article in the New England Journal of Medicine on July 7th, 1990. In his article, Dr. Rudman showed that by putting healthy aging men on Growth Hormone for six months, he was able to decrease their body fat by 14.4%, increase muscle mass by 8.8%, increase skin thickness by 7.1%, and increase lumbar bone density by 1.6%. These exciting findings clearly inaugurated the movement to supplement Growth Hormone in healthy aging adults, which today is becoming commonplace.

The benefits of Growth Hormone use in somatopause which have been clearly documented in the medical literature include the following: a decrease in body fat, an increase in muscle mass, thickening of the skin with decreased wrinkling, improvement in the cholesterol profile, an increase in bone density, enhanced feeling of well being, a decrease in the waist to hip ratio (meaning fat is removed primarily from around the waist where it is associated with a high risk of coronary disease), improvement in aerobic capacity, enhanced immune function and a decrease in the frequency of illness. The changes that our patients at Cenegenics� seem to be most pleased with are the elevation in mood, increase in energy level, improved sleep, decrease in body fat, increase in muscle mass and enhanced ability to handle adversity with confidence and optimism.

Side effects of Growth Hormone are generally mild and are largely associated with salt and water retention. The minority of patients that experience this typically complain of mild weight gain from water retention associated with a vague feeling of puffiness. This is sometimes accompanied by joint discomfort, particularly in the fingers, with a feeling of tightness when making a fist. Other joints may also become uncomfortable. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a well-known side effect of Growth Hormone that was more common in the early days when Growth Hormone was given in higher dose with lower frequency. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is also a function of fluid retention, which causes water to accumulate in the closed carpal tunnel compartment of the wrist, compressing the median nerve. This results in numbness and tingling in the palm and fingers. These side effects are easily remedied by abstaining from Growth Hormone for about a week, and then resuming the treatment with a 20% dose reduction. Older patients are more subject to side effects and are generally started at a low dose of Growth Hormone than younger adults. Another potential side-effect of Growth Hormone is the elevation of blood sugar. Growth Hormone mobilizes body fat, causing our fat cells to break themselves down and release free fatty acids into the blood stream. These free fatty acids are energy molecules which can be taken up by organs and many of our organs to be used for energy. When our muscles are consuming free fatty acids as a fuel, they are far less interested in sugar, therefore they tend to resist the effects of insulin, and extract less sugar from the blood. At the same time, Growth Hormone can increase glucose output from the liver to the blood. This combination of effects can raise blood sugar and raise insulin levels, neither of which is good. Fortunately, this is only a problem in people who eat a diet high in sugar and starch, and do little exercise. At Cenegenics� we teach our patients to eat a low glycemic diet (low in sugar and starch) and exercise regularly. The effect of our nutrition and exercise program in lowering blood glucose and insulin levels far outweighs the effect of Growth Hormone in raising glucose and insulin levels. The net effect in our patients, therefore, is the lowering of glucose and insulin levels. This is a very health-promoting benefit that prevents disease and extends life span.

Originally taken only from Human cadavers, and used only in children of short stature, Growth Hormone has had an interesting and controversial history. Fortunately, the understanding of its importance in adult physiology came at approximately the same time as recombinant DNA technology, which led to greater availability along with virtual safety. Soon after this, the comparison was made between Growth Hormone deficient adults and aging adults. Because of the tremendous similarities, Growth Hormone began to be used and soon gained great popularity in the treatment of normal aging. Growth Hormone is clearly useful and therapeutic in this regard as long as it is used in a carefully monitored, professionally managed program. Any Growth Hormone program must include proper nutrition and exercise with emphasis on a low glycemic diet.

Clomid Frequently Asked Questions

Clomid is a synthetic estrogen and is generally prescribed by doctors to trigger ovulation in females.

Question: Why Should Bodybuilders use Clomid?

Answer: Almost all anabolic androgenic steroids will cause an inhibition ofthe bodies own testosterone production. When he comes off the steroids he has no natural test production and no more steroids. The body is left in a state of catabolism (catabolic hormones are high and anabolic hormones are low) and as a result much of the muscle tissue that was gained on the cycle is now going to be lost. Clomid stimulates the hypophysis to release more gonadotropin so that a faster and higher release of follicle stimulating hormone aud luteinizing hormone occurs. This results in an increase of the body’s own testosterone production.

Question: Does Clomid also work as an anti estrogen?

Answer: Clomid is a synthetic estrogen, however it does also work as an anti-estrogen. How does it work? Because it is a weak synthetic estrogen, it will bind to the estrogen receptor (ER) and not cause any problems. At the same time the increase in estrogen from steroids are blocked from attaching to the ER.

Question: How effective is Clomid as an anti-estrogen?

Answer: It is very weak and should not be relied upon if you are going to be using steroids that aromatise at any rapid rate, or if you are pre disposed to gyno. arimidex, Proviron and Nolvadex will all make better choices for this purpose.

Question: Some say Clomid during a cycle is a waste, is this true?

Answer: Lets first examine what happens when someone is using anabaolic androgenic steroids. When the level of androgens in the body get too high, the androgen receptor becomes more highly activated, and the hypothalamus stops sending a signal to the pituitary. In short the signal tells our body to stop producing testosterone. During a cycle the body has higher levels than normal of androgens and as long as this level is high enough Clomid will not help to keep natural test production up. It will be almost all but completely shut off. The only purpose of Clomid during a cycle is as an anti-estrogen.

Question: When do I start Clomid? Some say 2 weeks others 3.

Answer: When you start using your Clomid all depends on what steroids you were using during your cycle. Different steroids have different half lifes and you should adjust your Clomid intake accordingly. As we have seen above, if we take Clomid when the androgen levels in our body is still high it will be a waste. We need to wait for androgen levels to fall before implementing our Clomid therapy. However if we take it too late we could possibly lose gains. Look at the list below to determine when you should start Clomid therapy. By selecting from the list all the steroids you used in your cycle and which ever one has the latest starting point then go with that. For example if I cycled dbol, sustanon and winstrol I would use sustanon as it remains active in the body for the longest period of time.

Anadrol/Anapolan: 8 – 12 hours after last administration

Deca: 3 weeks after last injection and Clomid for 4 weeks

Dianabol: 4 - 8 hours after last administration

Equipoise: 3 weeks after last injection

Fina: 3 days after last injection

Primobolan depot: 10 - 14 days after last injection

Sustanon: 3 weeks after last injection

Testosterone Cypionate: 2 weeks after last injection

Testosterone Enanthate: 2 weeks after last injection

Testosterone Propionate: 3 days after last injection

Testosterone Suspension: 4 - 8 hours after last administration

Winstrol: 8 - 12 hours after last administration

Question: What is the most effective way for Clomid therapy.

Answer: Clomid has a long half life and as such there is no need to split up doses throughout the day. I read some where that it was 5 days (any feedback on this). Now if we used sustanon and we start using Clomid 3 weeks after our last injection we anticipate that androgen levels are low enough to start sending the correct signals. If androgen levels are still a little high then the normal 50mgs/day of Clomid for 1 week is not going to be effective. We need to start at a high enough amount that will work or help even if androgen levels are still a little high. 300mgs on day 1. I know I said don’t split it up due to its long half life but try and split this up 2 tabs 3 times a day. After we have finished this first day we seek to use 100mgs for 10 days and then followed by 50mgs for 10 days.

Question: Do I need to use Clomid for 3 weeks?

Answer: Why don’t you want too? It is very cheap, very effective and can mean the difference between maintaining gains and losing them.

Question: How cheap is Clomid?

Answer: Clomid normally comes in 50mg tablets but also comes in capsule form of 25mgs. A 50mg tablet can be anywhere between 25 cents and $2.50. (15 pence and 75 pence in England).

Question: Do all steroids cause shut down of the hpta.

Answer: Not all steroids do. Everyone is different and you must also take into account how long you have been using a certain steroid and at what dose in order to determine if you need Clomid or not. However as the price is so cheap, why risk not using it.

Why Use Cutting Steroids to Cut?

The convenience of using cutting steroids, as previously touched upon, is that because of their nature as being non-estrogenic (for the most part) they tend to favor the creation of a hard, defined, 3D look to the physique. It is for this reason that cutting steroids are utilized in cycles for fat loss, pre-competition, and for the more casual bodybuilders, before the summer season for obvious reasons. There also tend to be various anabolic steroids that are included in the cutting steroid category that might not even hold a viable use for fat loss or bulking, but tend to serve as a pre-workout performance booster. Halotestin (Fluoxymesterone) is one such example of this, but because Halotestin tends to possess all of the same characteristics as most other cutting steroids, it is therefore considered a cutting steroid.

It has been noted that a common shared characteristic or trait among cutting steroids is their ability to completely avoid estrogenic effects or estrogenic activity. The core of this characteristic lies in the common trait among most cutting steroids, and that is the fact that nearly all cutting steroids belong to the same family: Dihydrotestosterone derivatives (DHT-derivatives). DHT derived anabolic steroids are anabolic steroids that are modified analogues of DHT. DHT happens to be the body’s most potent natural androgen as well as the body’s natural anti-estrogen, and it is a well-known fact that hormones with very strong androgenic capabilities as well as strong anti-estrogenic capabilities tend to maximize the ‘rock hard’ definition and ‘ripped’ look to the physique and the muscles. DHT is also completely incapable of conversion into Estrogen (properly termed as aromatization). Dihydrotestosterone does not interact what so ever with the aromatase enzyme, which is the enzyme responsible for binding to androgens and aromatizing them into Estrogen, which is what is responsible for the unwanted estrogenic effects such as water retention, gynecomastia, fat retention/gain, etc. An exception to this family of DHT-derivatives is Trenbolone, which is in fact a Nandrolone derivative and could also be properly referred to as a Progestin (it is still incapable of conversion into Estrogen, however).

Cutting steroids such as Anavar, Primobolan (Methenolone), Winstrol, and Masteron, and virtually all other cutting steroids, are DHT-derivatives. Their nature as DHT-derivatives allow them to completely avoid the issue of aromatization. Some provide additional anti-estrogenic activity, such as Masteron, which has demonstrated the ability to inhibit the aromatase enzyme all on its own. Masteron has actually served a valid purpose in medicine as a breast cancer drug due to this quality it possesses. Hence, this is also why compounds such as Masteron are regarded as not only cutting steroids, but pre-contest steroids as well, due to its ability to reduce total circulating levels of Estrogen in the body thereby allowing the bodybuilder to achieve very low levels of body fat as well as very low levels of subcutaneous water on contest day.

It should be noted, however, that several cutting steroids might not be suitable from a monetary standpoint due to the higher doses required to elicit effects. This is due to the fact that some cutting steroids tend to express a very weak anabolic effect, and therefore require higher doses (and subsequently might cost more money to use). Primobolan, Masteron, and Turinabol are three examples of cutting steroids that are considered fairly weak compared to others.

The following is a list of the typically used and commonly considered cutting steroids,

Anavar (Oxandrolone)
Halotestin (Fluoxymesterone)
Primobolan (Methenolone Acetate)
Primobolan Depot (Methenolone Enanthate)
Trenbolone Acetate
Trenbolone Enanthate
Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate (Parabolan)
Turinabol (4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone)
Winstrol (Stanozolol)
Winstrol Depot (Injectable Stanozolol)

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GHRP-6 Growth Hormone Releasing Hexapeptide 6

GHRP-6 (Growth Hormone Releasing Hexapeptide 6) is a peptide hormone (also referred to as a protein hormone) that belongs to a category known as HGH (Human Growth Hormone) secretagogues. That is to say that these peptide hormones will act in such a way in the body so as to stimulate secretion of Human Growth Hormone. Furthermore, GHRP-6 is a member of a category of HGH secretagogues known as Ghrelin mimetics, which are all various Growth Hormone Releasing Hexapeptide analogues. The peptides in this family include: GHRP-6, GHRP-2, Hexarelin, and Ipamorelin. They are referred to as Ghrelin mimetics because they mimic the actions of the endogenous hormone Ghrelin, whereby they will attach to the GH secretagogue receptor at the anterior pituitary gland. Other activities of Ghrelin involve its activity as a hunger-stimulating peptide hormone, which easily explains the ability for many of the GHRPs to stimulate appetite to various degrees. It is very important to note that GHRP-6, as well as the other Ghrelin mimetics previously mentioned are very distinctly different peptide hormones from Growth Hormone Releasing Hormones (GHRH), such as Mod GRF 1-29 (CJC-1295 without DAC). GHRH peptides such as Mod GRF -129, and GHRP peptides such as GHRP-6, are very different classes of GH secretagogues that function through very different receptors and pathways. Therefore, the two should not be confused with one another.

GHRP-6 is a first generation GHRP, and like all other HGH secretagogues, it is a very new compound that is currently undergoing clinical trials. Therefore, the extent of gathered knowledge on this peptide is currently very minimal, but the medical establishment and its scientists are hopeful of holding a better understanding of these peptides over the next several years of research. There are many aspects of GHRP-6 and other HGH secretagogues that are not fully or completely understood, and this point must be made absolutely clear prior to delving further into this profile. New discoveries in regards to these peptides will no doubt be made over the coming years, in both clinical as well as anecdotal settings. It is the bodybuilding and performance enhancing drug using community to therefore develop logical and rational approaches to its use, supported as much as possible by proper clinical and scientific data.

GHRP-6 operates via the same pathways as other GHRPs, such as GHRP-2 and Ipamorelin with some distinct differences. Almost all GHRPs will stimulate hunger simply by virtue of the fact that they are Ghrelin mimetics, but GHRP-6 has demonstrated both anecdotally as well as clinically to stimulate the largest hunger increases in comparison to all other GHRPs. Studies on GHRP-6 have also demonstrated, when administered after the recent consumption of food, will exhibit lipogenic (fat-storing) properties. The same study had also demonstrated the vast difference in HGH output from the pituitary gland when combined with a GHRH analogue (a 77% increase in HGH output) compared to administration alone. The consumption of carbohydrates and fats too soon before or after administration of GHRP-6 (or any GHRP) has been shown to blunt HGH release from the pituitary gland as well. The aforementioned study has also demonstrated that the presence of acetylcholine in the brain will amplify the amount of HGH released via its inhibitory effects on somatostatin (a hormone that inhibits HGH release from the pituitary gland). In addition, GHRP-6 (as well as GHRP-2) has demonstrated the ability to increase Cortisol and Prolactin secretion alongside HGH secretion, although the level of secretion of these two hormones are said to only become a concern in the higher dose ranges. Insulin has demonstrated in studies to amplify the HGH response to GHRP-6 as well.

What does all of this mean for GHRP-6 and how it can be used? This will be further explained in the GHRP-6 doses section of this profile, but in the meantime, a few key points can be summarized:

- Proper timing of GHRP-6 doses surrounding meals should be executed so as to ensure maximal HGH release from the pituitary gland.

- GHRP Ghrelin mimetics, such as GHRP-6, should be administered in combination with a GHRH (such as Mod GRF 1-29) in order to initiate and amplify a greater pulse of HGH from the pituitary compared to GHRP-6 used solitarily on its own. The effects of a GHRH analogue with a GHRP are synergistic in their effects on the pituitary gland in amplifying the release of HGH from the pituitary.

- GHRP-6 will elevate Cortisol and Prolactin levels less significantly than GHRP-2, but does so very minimally as evidenced by studies. More on this will be explained in the GHRP-6 doses section of this profile.

Questions PeptidesChemical Characteristics of GHRP-6

GHRP-6 is a protein/peptide hormone consisting of a polypeptide chain of 6 amino acids. This polypeptide chain that makes up GHRP-6 contains unnatural D-amino acids, which were created synthetically specifically for the application of Human Growth Hormone release from the pituitary gland, making GHRP-6 known as a “true” HGH secretagogue. GHRP-6, as well as all other GHRPs, will interact with receptors on the pituitary gland (and in many extents, on the hypothalamus as well) that are distinctly different receptors from the ones that GHRH interacts with. GHRP-6 will stimulate the HGH secretagogue receptor (recently renamed as the Ghrelin receptor), not the GHRH receptor. Through this interaction, GHRP-6 will stimulate a pulsatile release of HGH from the pituitary gland, which is most intense within the first 30 minutes, and lasts several hours (with the actual half-life of GHRP-6 itself being between 15 to 60 minutes).

Properties of GHRP-6

Because GHRP-6 stimulates the secretion and release of HGH from the pituitary gland in a pulsatile manner, the effects resulting from GHRP-6 are very similar from what would be expected from synthetic HGH administration over the long term (see the Human Growth Hormone profile here), although the amount of time that the released human growth hormone will remain in circulation is of a far less amount of time than synthetic Human Growth Hormone does. HGH levels will only remain raised for several hours, with the most significant amounts of HGH release only occurring within the first 30 minutes of administration. It is because of this that multiple administrations of GHRP-6 are recommended throughout the day in order to maintain steady and/or high HGH levels on a consistent and regular basis.

Typical effects of HGH would be experienced throughout use of GHRP-6: body fat reduction, muscle mass increases, strength increases, stamina increases, and increased rate of healing, sleep quality improvement, and general increased well-being and health.

Anavar (Oxandrolone)

Anavar was developed to treat conditions of muscle wasting and rapid weight loss, as is a common reason for inception with any anabolic steroid. Developed in 1964, by Searle Laboratories to treat such conditions, Searle is no longer in existence as it was bought and absorbed into Pfizer in 2003.

The Benefits of Anavar

As a very mild anabolic steroid Anavar is not well-suited for bulking cycles or gaining phases; you will not produce a vast amount of lean muscle tissue through its use when speaking of performance enhancing purposes; however, what is produced will be solid muscle tissue. The greatest benefits associated with this particular steroid lie within muscle preservation and metabolic activity. This simply means Anavar has the ability to not only aid in reducing body-fat but preserving muscle tissue while on a calorie restricted diet; further, the more muscle tissue we have the greater our metabolic activity will be thereby increasing the rate in-which body-fat is utilized for energy. Because Anavar is apt for fat reduction and muscle preservation it is commonly used by physique athletes during their competition preparation, as well as by common gym rats who simply want to look leaner and tighter at the beach.

Anavar & Women

Anabolic steroids can be very damaging to women as they can often cause masculine effects due to virilization, such as deepened vocal chords, body-hair growth and clitoral enlargement. However, due to its mild nature Anavar appears to be virtually side-effect free not only for men but for women as well, making it the ultimate anabolic steroid for any female user. While this steroid can be used successfully by both men and women, because it is so female friendly many refer to Anavar as “The Girl Steroid.”

Anavar Cycles & Doses

Most men who use Anavar will necessarily need to use a large amount to receive any noticeable benefit as this steroid’s extremely mild nature will require it. Most men will find 50mg per day to be the minimum dose if they expect to see any positive and noticeable results with 80mg per day being far more common. Conversely, as women are more sensitive to anabolic steroids lower doses need to be applied; further, lower doses absolutely ensure side-effects will remain non-existent. Most women will find 10mg per day to be nearly perfect with 20mg per day being the maximum amount of Anavar most will ever want or need to use.

Regardless of who uses it, men or women, Anavar can successfully be used for longer periods of time than most oral anabolic steroids, however, 6-8 weeks of use is common place. For most it will not matter at which point of a steroid cycle you include Anavar, however, if you are trying to lean out, to get the most bang for your buck the steroid will be best served towards the end of a cycle, as its benefits will be far greater and pronounced the leaner you already are.